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A mission from Scott

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Ok, so this comic came out recently, and I wanted to get a copy of it. The problem is that it seems to have sold out everywhere.

If someone can find it for me in a comic shop somewhere, that would be awesome. If nobody can get it, I'll just wait for the next printing.


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    When was it released? If it was a month or so ago, it'll be getting here in a month or so and I may be able to get it. It'll cost (like) $10-$15 to ship, though. Also, I think comics here cost a bit more.
    I wish Manga got here faster. I have so much I'm waiting for :(
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  • Scott. I'll contact my comic guy tomorrow. If they have it I can most likely have it to you by Sat or Mon. That cool? (you can pay me back at otakon... no biggie).
  • Hey Scott,

    I called the three comics stores in my area and none of them have that book. Apparently it is a very very rare collectors item right now.
  • Yes, I should have ordered it sooner. Damn me for changing to monthly ordering instead of weekly.
  • Do you really plan on waiting for a second printing? You must be expecting Wizard World Philadelphia to totally suck. I imagine you will probably be able to score it there.
  • He indeed might be able to score a copy....but at what price? Arm, leg, soul, left testicle?
  • All is well. An awesome person has hooked me up with a pdf. I still hope to score a real copy in Philly. But I'm not willing to pay much more than cover price.
  • Where was said pdf hooked up from?
  • A cool guy on the forums of the Comic Geek Speak podcast provided it to me. It's not available in any public place.
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    hmmmm..... When you edit a whisper it doesn't seem to stay a whisper, even if you input the name again.
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  • ORLY? We'll have to look into that.
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