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Episode 27 - 80 Minutes!

edited December 2005 in Technology
Alright, we can talk a lot about computers. And since this was part two of our continuing series of "how to build a computer" we went extra long. So, to shorten the podcast we cut our news segment out and are going to save it for another day. Perhaps we will use it tomorrow or the next day when our main segments are shorter and it will keep the total podcast length up. What I want to know is if anyone is specifically for or against us going extra long, like 80 or 90 minutes. Keep in mind less podcast means more sleep for us.

If you want to discuss computer building and sutff keep it to the existing threads or start new ones.


  • Just to clarify, more sleep equals better banter ;^) The quality of the show is in direct proportion to how well rested we are.
  • well, I don't care if you guys ramble on for 3 hours, I typically listen at work (bought a 1 gig USB flash drive) and loaded it up with Firefox and tons of podcasts. (Skepticiaity, The Signal, Science Friday to name a few) so really a longer podcast just means I have less to place on the drive in the morning to replace what I've listened to. ^_^
  • I'm in the same position, I listen at work, so the longer the show goes, the less likely I am to run out of podcasts to listen to. I don't think you need to push the show to be longer since you do it every day, but, if it happens, let it happen. This show seems to be kind of free form with it time, so let us have those extra long episodes when they come about.
  • I just can't wait for the show on dvd burners. Mine died about 2 weeks ago. ; _ ;
  • I prefer longer shows as well. I don't see any reason to cut out long news bits, unless they suck so badly you are embarrased to release them to the general public. If you find yourselves going overtime, don't try to cut it short, and don't cut it out later.
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