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MS Windows R.I.P.

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It's official, Microsoft Windows no longer has any useful purpose.

Ubuntu Steam

Here's how I did it.


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    Awesome, I am going to have to try this later ^_^
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  • The funny thing is, it probably runs better in ubuntu than it does is vista beta 2.
  • That is amazingly sick. Nice Ubuntu there, Scott. I'm installing Dapper as soon as I can get around to reformatting my hard drive, this Windows is aching for a reinstall.
  • "Welcome to the Black Mesa Research Facility"...

    Sweet, sweet words to hear coming from my linux box. Now to see if Natural Selection works.
  • Natural selection does in deed work perfectly. I am however, having performance problems with HL2. It works just fine, but I get less than one frame per second once the game begins. I have yet to solve this issue, but I have a hypothesis.

    HL1 uses OpenGL HL2 uses DirectX. Could it be that the DirectX translation layer in wine is very inefficient? Could be, but I have an even better guess. My video card supports DirectX8. HL2 requires DirectX9. In Windows any time HL2 makes a call to a function only implemented in DX9 the CPU takes care of it instead of the GPU. But of course, the DirectX software written by microsoft has the GPU do as much as possible. Judging by my 100% CPU usage I think wine is having the CPU perform too many of the functions that are normally performed by the GPU, and it is having the CPU perform then very inefficiently. This is not an issue in HL1since wine and Linux have OpenGL working properly with the nvidia driver and glx.

    Keep in mind, this is just my hypothesis. I need a card with an NVidia GPU that supports DX9 to see if I am right.
  • Scott's correct, NS works fine. Haven't tried HL2 yet, but I'll let you know how it goes.

    The only problem I've seen is that other people's voice chat in NS comes over slowed and distorted. This may be a configuration thing on my end, I haven't looked into it yet.
  • In NS I can hear people just fine, but my microphone does not work. This is strange because wine/steam is using OSS for audio. Skype also uses OSS and I have no problem with skype. Does your microphone work in wine/steam?
  • I don't have a mike, so I can't help you there. But I've also seen massive slowdown with HL2, and furthermore haven't managed to get into the actual game yet (Steam crashes when I attempt to start one).
  • Hmm. Steam doesn't crash for me. It just goes stupid slow, like .01 frames per second. You'd think it crashed, but really it's just rendering the next frame.
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