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Favorite Avatar Episode(s)

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What is your favorite episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender and why?

If you don't have a single favorite episode, than name the ones you like the most and why?

My favorite episodes are the following one that will be listed season by season, with a short description as to why I like them. I'm going to warn you though, this post will be quite long, but I think it's needed because I want to share my opinions on the following episodes' plots and I would like to share them with you.

Book 1: Water
The Boy in the Iceberg: I like it because it introduces the story, the Avatar universe, and the main characters in a (in my opinion) very well done and masterful way.

The Avatar Returns: I like this one because it reveals just who Aang is and clarifies his destiny to the viewer(s).

The King of Omashu: I particularly like this episode because it's humor and comedic timing are spot on

Avatar Roku (Winter Solstice Part 2): I like this one because it not only introduces us to Avatar Roku, but it also clarifies exactly what Aang must do to defeat Firelord Ozai.

The Storm: I like this one because it sheds some light on both Aang's and Zuko's clouded past and how they feel about what their respective goals in life are.

The Blue Spirit: I really like this one because it shows a different side of Zuko than we are (at this point) used to seeing. I also like it because it sets the stage for later episodes involving or hinting about the Blue Spirit.

The Siege of the North (Parts 1 and 2): These episodes are hands down my absolute favorite episodes in the entire series as of now. My reason for feeling this way is that not only is the plot spectacular, but there are many breathtaking and awe inspiring scenes throughout both of these episodes. It also introduces (not by name) Princess Azula to the series.

Book 2: Earth

The Avatar State: I enjoyed this episode because it finally reveals what exactly the Avatar State is, and what are the benefits and limitations of this powerful form. This episode also features Zuko and Iroh becoming outcasts to the Fire Nation. This is also the first time that lightning is shown as well.

The Swamp: I like this one because it shows who are the most important people in Aang's, Sokka's, and Katara's lives. This also marks is the first appearance (though not technically in real life) of Toph.

The Blind Bandit: I particularly enjoyed this episode because it officially introduces Toph to the series and her "unique" capabilities and style of Earthbending, and I thought that was way cool.

Zuko Alone: I thought this episode was interesting because it sheds some light on Zuko's clouded childhood. Another reason why I liked it is that not only does this episode set the stage for the future episodes, but it also marks a turning point in Zuko's tale.

The City of Walls and Secrets: I thought this episode was interesting because it shows just what a government is capable of doing when corruption and tyranny is at it's zenith.The Dai Li reminds me of the tyrannical government of China in the sense that they (China's government) will not stand for any action or event that will disrupt their ridiculous and ridged way that they run things in their country and what they will do to silence the people responsible for the "traitorous" acts in their country.

The Guru and The Crossroads of Destiny: Next to the Siege of the North Pole episodes, I think these episodes are both awe inspiring and spectacular in the plot. This is also in my opinion one of the most emotionally charged episodes, because Aang opens up his bottled up emotions and how he feels about all that he has done and what he is truly afraid of in life. I also like it because Aang officially reveals his love for Katara (not to her face unfortunately) and how that love is so strong that he at first refuses to open up the final Chakra, and that says something.

Whew! That was a lot, but I'm glad I'm shared this with everyone. You may have noticed that I didn't mention the Book 3 episodes. My reason for not doing so is that Book 3 hasn't been released in it's entirety, and I don't want to make a final decision until I have seen all the episodes as I could most likely change my mind about some episodes.


  • I feel like these Avatar threads should be a little more condensed. But, whatever.

    I haven't seen past the beginning of season 2, but I really liked The Blue Spirit and Return to Omashu. I think I'm gonna pick this series up again.
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    I feel like these Avatar threads should be a little more condensed. But, whatever.
    Why don't we suggest that either Rym or Scott make a sticky for the Avatar series? Many of said topics have been popping up in the forum quite a bit as of late. This is most likely due to my efforts, but I really feel they should be discussed more readily here in the forums.
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  • Nah, we don't need a sticky for it. Just a centralized topic.
  • Just a centralized topic.
    Right. Like this thread.
  • I would have to say that the best episode was "The Tales of Ba Sing Se". That one episode packed so much in that it was just amazing.

    Second for me has to be "Zuku Alone".

    My favorite character is Uncle Iroh and I greatly enjoy watching Zuko "grow up" under his tutelage.
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