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Podcast Marketing Ideas.

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It seems to me that Rym and Scott should do a "Best of" episode with all of their greatest bits and then burn this to cds with nifty covers and give them away at Cons. We may do this with our so-so show Friday Night Party Line (except that we don't much go to cons) :) We are doing a best of show this week.

I love the idea of handing out flyers.

What are some other ideas for podcast promotion?


  • All their best bits are over an hour long. How would you make an audio CD of that?
  • Yeah, Phantasos is right. Podcasts like this WEEK in TECH had the advantage of of the hosts being on Tech TV, so they were famous before they started. Actuallly, all of the top podcasts have something famous connected to them--Comedy Central, G4, ABC, NPR, etc. How do Rym and Scott get on the same level as them?
  • By being better?

  • Ask a Ninja kicks everyone's butt, even the so-called big name guys. They came out of nowhere and they have 300,000 listeners. Rocketboom is the same way.

    You can take bits out of Geeknights very easily. If I had time, I'd do a mix and show you.

    I barely have time to breathe right now.
  • I think it's very possible to make a very good clip show of GeekNights. The problem is that there is just so much content to dig through. As the creators we don't really have a good memory of what we said when. It's all a blur to us. But to you loyal listeners, you remember which jokes were in which episodes and everything. That's why I'll leave the remixing up to you guys.
  • Rym, the point is Rym and Scott ARE better, we just need more people to find them.
  • I would think that a clip show would be really hard to put together mainly because you don't do "clips" - all of your discussion just kinda flows together in-and-out, which is partly why I like Geek Nights. But this is a totally different format.

    I mean, maybe if you limited it to five - you may be able to fit that on CD.
  • The key is getting people to listen to their first episode of Geeknights, preferably one about a topic they are interested in. The quality of the show will take care of itself.

    Perhaps someone could put together several short selections of "best of" bits from each topic. Newcomers to the site could then click get a short sampling. It would encourage them to try an entire episode. Make them truly "best of" segments though. Most shows substitute that term for "repeat." It isn't the same thing at all.
  • Have you considered selling your sould to the devil? I may have an in for you if my Nana really is the Antichrist.
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    I did a "best of" episode of my own show last night. This is what I would do if I were doing the same for Geeknights.

    Here's the link:

    Scott is on one of the segments.
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