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GeekNights 080528 - Whiteout and Damekko Doubutsu

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Tonight on GeekNights we review Whiteout and Damekko Doubutsu. In the news, the Watchmen movie might be awesome, and we are going to be at Kinokuniya this Friday with HALCALI.

Scott's Thing - Public Domain Comic
Rym's Thing - Ongaku NO Susume, Twinkle Star


  • HALCALI's baby blue is obviously the best video, synchronized panda dancing. Nuff said. Can't wait to hear the interview. I've been a fan for a couple years ^__^
  • Rip Slyme also has a bunch of weird music videos

    I'm starting to ask myself if all japanese music videos are this crazy.
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    Normally I just listen to the first bit of Geeknights Thursdays for news and things of the day. You sneakily swapped things round though and put a comic review in the middle! For you information, Antarctica is a very cool place to visit. My work takes me all over the place and I happened to end up there over Christmas. You talk about how the cold can kill you as easily as the "baddies" and from talking to those who have spent a lot of time there you are absolutely right. The last review on my podcast was on the Kim Stanley Robinson novel Antarctica and that book reads much like a travel guide crossed with a history tour mixed with depictions on how it is like to exist there just as much as it is about the story.

    Here is a photo of my girlfriend and I doing our southernmost juggling show ever... we passed clubs either side of a volunteer, in this case or volunteer was Peter Hillary, and if you don't recognise his surname you really need to learn more about explorers.

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  • Ahh... the episode in which Scott admits that the elders were right. Sometimes you just have to work late.

    I knew this was coming, I just didn't know when.

    Score one for the elders.
  • Ahh... the episode in which Scott admits that the elders were right. Sometimes you just have to work late.
    What did I admit?
  • What did I admit?
    You're working late against your will, despite several pronouncements against such in the past. ^_~
  • Here's the explanation why their videos are so weird: LSD.
    It's not that bad, music wise, though.
  • Or shiritori.
  • After watching the HalCali videos, it actually got me looking for their stuff. I really am digging their style. I think I will start practicing some of the choreography for "Strawberry Chips" for shits and giggles.

    I also got Damekko Doubutsu. It's good stuff to watch while stretching before working out because it's not too long and doesn't require my full attention.
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    Of the Halcali videos, my personal favourite is "Tougenkyou." It's a bit simpler than their other videos, but it's just a very funky song with an equally funky dance. :3
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