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Toshiba Selling HD-DVD Players at a Loss

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Toshiba Selling HD-DVD Players at a Loss

Even though I'm against the format war, I'm almost fascinated by its development. This looks to be the latest. Seems the HD-DVD player will cost half of the price of a Blu-ray. Hard for me to tell if this will be a brilliant business move or the kiss of death.

Any thoughts?


  • There are already combo-players that do both around the place. If they get a bit better, and a bit cheaper, then they will probably be the popular ones. All thats left then is to see which of the disks are cheaper, because people will probably just buy those ones, unless they are über-fanatical about picture quality, and hava a huge set up. In this case, they'll just pick one based on what they feel at the time.
  • It doesn't matter. In a year or so both players will be $200 or so and a year after that you will see cheap Chinese players for < $100. That is, of course, assuming both technologies don't just die completely.
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