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Negative Nellies

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Ok, so I generally think of myself as a pretty cynical kind of person. People in general piss me off. The vast majority of people in my workspace piss me off even more than that because of their incompetence / inefficiency / other as I expect them to be into what they're doing and not only enjoy it to a certain point but be knowledgeable in the tasks set before them. When they inevitably are not I get really annoyed.

There is a certain catharsis in bitching about work and the idiots that make stupid decisions about work that you have no control over with the people that share your views. That's ok. That's actually good to a certain extent.

My problem is thus:

I work with a person that is really good at what we do. She's been in the industry for years upon years. Our management is pretty much crap. They don't fire the people that need to be fired and can't schedule for shit and can't count the numbers of things produced in an intelligent way which results in us constantly making way more shit than we need to and we have to come in to work seeing the physical representation of our overworking sitting on the floor waiting to get thrown away... only to start the process all over again while having this representation staring us in the face all night long....

(for reference I work in a bakery)

So, yeah, this is somewhat disheartening....

But the way I look at it I'm not payed to think about this sort of thing. I clock in, I do my job, then I leave when it says I leave on the schedule.

The idiots that work with me are really idiots. Really. They make my job more difficult in many ways. It's true. But the thing is I'm still payed hourly. If I spend those 8 hours fixing problems other idiots cause I still get paid the same as if I spent them doing what I am "supposed" to do.

So the problem is this... This person I work with... She can't separate... She can't compartmentalize the things.

What ends up happening is this. She gets royally pissed off every single day because of all of this. She wants to take pride in what she is doing but she knows that it is going to be turned into shit by the next person up the line. Or maybe even all the way up the line to management. So she forces herself to say "I don't care" at every turn.
Well, honestly, neither do I. I actually agree with this. Though I want to take think that everything we produce is going to be the absolute top notch shit I know it will not through no fault of my own.
Thusly I DO Take pride in my little part of it. I KNOW that the dough I mix is as good as it can possibly be. I know that when I form loaves they are perfect. I know that when I bake things they are beautiful, artisan quality breads....

If someone fucks it up then... whatever... I know I did MY part.

So she says she has this same philosophy. So she says "I don't care".


But the problem is that she says it FOR EVERYTHING.

ANY conversation about work is greeted with "I don't care".
Down to a simple question about the actual day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute operations.

"I don't care"

This is really disheartening to me.

I really actually like her and I want to be able to tell her to shut the hell up both for my own and her piece of mind.

But I don't know how to do this.

I've slipped into the mode of not really talking to her at all. After all, why should I bring anythying up if it's only going to be greeted with "I don't care"?

So she's noticed this and thinks I'm "being weird" and things are getting akward.

Any thoughts or comments on this or similar experiences?


  • Next time she comes to say something to you say "I don't care".
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    Don't take things at work so seriously. A job is job, and you're doing it to get paid so you can live your life happily. Money is the focus. The more relaxed and cool you are with people at your work, things will get better. Rym and Scott are a prime example of how to not suck at your job. They almost have an "I don't care" attitude, but it doesn't go to the extreme like this woman supposedly has.

    I know. You're thinking that if you don't work as hard, you'll get fired. Trust me, it's not that way. My dad was and still is in the same situation as you. He has this idea that he has to be appreciated among his colleagues and has to work his tail off. Appreciated and respected people are the ones that don't worry what other people say and do their job without question. My dad wasn't one of these. In fact, people at his job hated him so much, that one of the co-workers said he had sexually harrassed her. I knew he wouldn't do that. He's too much of a boy scout anyway, and his boss knew it too.

    When you talk about her saying "You're being wierd," it's simply an example of your attitude. You're probably just a little too tense at your job.

    Here's an idea. Try acting a little like her from now on. And if it makes you feel better, do tell her to shut the hell up and discuss your frustrations with her. It will probably help the situation, and she'll most likely gain some new found respect for you.

    As for all the people you hate at work, don't necessarily blame it on them. Sounds like you have some cleaning up to do yourself, no offense. Try socializing with them more and observe the things they care about. Your priorities and their's will probably differ quite a bit. Also, don't bitch about the authority at your work. It'll get around at some point and you'll be a very unhappy man. That will get you kicked alot faster than not doing your job. Let the other guys do that. You're better than that.

    I hope this helps. I apologize for being harsh, but it seems like you need it. God knows, it will piss you off, but when I talked to my dad about it for the first time, he was too. He later thanked me, after a "lesbian bitch" at work really pushed his buttons. Now those two are like best friends.
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  • No offense taken. And no I'm not pissed off. I think when someone says something like that to someone they get pissed off because it hits too close to the mark for them to be comfortable with.
    This actually didn't really apply to me so it raises no emotion. Thanks for the thoughts though. I appreciate your trying to help.
  • Rym and Scott are a prime example of how to not suck at your job.

    I seem to recall hearing over and over again how Scott doesn't particularly do anything at his job (usually).

    I think it all comes down to work ethic. You can do your best, but have little to no control over anyone else. This should never stop you from doing your best, and using whatever little influence you have over others to do the same.
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