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Episode 29 - Big O 2, Maetel, Comics

edited December 2005 in Anime
Feel free to discuss Big O all you want. And if you have any insight on the universe of Galaxy Express and Captain Harlock, please share. It's really good stuff just hard to get into and not well explained. I guess it would be cool if you talked about some of the comics I'm reading, but I get enough of that already.


  • I would like to highly recommend the comic "Red Star". (buy the collected graphic novel)

    It’s a series of stories around a futuristic Russia, which is now called “The Red Star” and it struggling to keep nations under it’s control from breaking away. Add, Weird Techno magic and Gods or spirit things. It’s pretty damn good and very well drawn. But then I don't fully understand what's going on it's so crazy!
  • There seem to be a lot of Russia/USSR comics lately. There is one called Atomika that people are reading. And I think I also saw some commy Superman or something.
  • Red Son

    It came out quite some time ago to much acclaim.
  • I am the god of reviving dead threads!!!!!!!!!!!

    But seriously. Big O was thought provoking, with Giant Robots punching each other in the face. Nuff said.
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