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Guitar Hero:On Tour

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So I just got guitar hero: on tour and it was surprisingly good. The add-on works pretty good and using it actually feels like a regular guitar hero game. One thing though is that the add-on is kind of loose and if it gets unplugged you have to restart the DS. I've found that if you have the hand-strap loose the grip doesn't come out as easily. Strumming works pretty well and the pick stylus works great. The song list is ok but it is to short and there are some songs on there that really seem out of place. Maroon 5, really? Another (minor) problem is you need to attach an adapter to it to play it on a DS phat so if you are sharing the game with a DS phat owner it could be a problem. The only big problem is that it is on the DS and it feels kind of cramped. It was a pretty good game and if you really need a portable guitar hero then this will do.
Has anyone else bought this yet what did you think of it?


  • I'm thinking of picking it up in the next few days, mainly because the DS is the only game console I own. I'm looking foward to it but I expect to be over it fairly quickly.
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    I played it at Gamestop over the weekend. IMO, it's terrible. The way I've developed playing GH is kinda weird. I use mainly my first 2-3 fingers, tops, for the first 4 buttons, then pinky for orange. So really, playing with only 4 buttons, and not having much option to move your hand around really hurts it, IMO.
    Plus the song list is absolute ass.
    Not getting it, not buying it for anyone, not recommending it for anyone.
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  • I use my pinky a lot more with guitar hero, and I don't always move my hand around unless I have to. Also, there's like one or two songs that I want to play (which has been the same with every guitar hero) and the others should be at least interesting.
  • When I seen this I laughed and thought it was a prank. I was wrong. Unless buying it is the prank.
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