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Fainting Goats


  • Oh, I saw that and completely forgot about it. I love how it is not only visually hilarious but is also a mountain of evidence for evolution. Next time a creationist comes along say "Fainting goats, I win."
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    hahahahahaha. You should submit that to cuteoverload.
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    How is that a "mountain of evidence" for evolution?
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  • Species of goat passing down a genetic mutation from generation to generation.
  • Uh oh, you're going to make Mr. Period real angry there amethisttomoe.
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    oh noes!!!!

    Oh ok. whew. I fixed the capitalization and added in appropiate quotes. Though I don't see anything wrong with anything else.
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  • Utter rubbish!

    Obviously God had it in His Divine Plan for these goats to have this so called "mutation" in evidence throughout a set series of generations at this exact time in order test our Faith and steel us against the use of the Evils of so called "geneticalistic scientistcal investicationation"!

    He, in His Ultimate Wisdom, saw fit to show us, through the Horrible Plight of these Most Holy of Goats, that "playing God" can bring nothing but either Horrible Pain and Suffering and / or endless hours of "entertainment" in watching His creatures suffering pain and torment..... Not unlike that which will BEFALL us.... IN HELL! If we continue on our evil path of so called "scientificization" of the public shcool system.... Leading, inevitably, to the productication of more so called "scientists" whoes only goal is the utter DESTRUCTION! of His good Word....

    Let these Goats be a lesson unto you... Let THESE GOATS! In their most Holy sacrifice of an efficient MODE OF TRANSPORT! ...... Be a lesson to us all.
    Let THESE holy goats speak unto our HEARTS! ..... Let these goats be the very, I say, the VERY VOICE OF GOD with their bleets! Let every "Baaaahhh!" be like the very HOSTS of Heaven calling out to you..... Let every nugget of oat left in Their wake be as the very MANA of God. Let them be... Yes... Let them be as the Body of Christ itsself.....

    Ok..... so I could continue this but the joke is obviously already way played out....
  • I was about to flame you badly.
  • Even though you can't see him, the Flying Spaghetti Monster was there in that video making those goats faint to make it seem as if there was evolution. Duh.
  • Nope, you've all got it wrong. It's obvious what's going on when you think about it: Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks them. It happens so fast it just looks like they fainted. The question is, what does Chuck Norris have against that particular breed of goat?
  • I went to New Zealand with my grandmotherm, mother and cousin when I was about 9. I asked how the sheep stayed upright on the mountains and my mother said "well those are mountain sheep, the have two legs shorter than the other". My grandmother (who was a teacher and old and therefor the official source of all knowledge) went along with this and managed to come up with good answers to all my questions.

    This conversation just reminded me of it for some reason.

    I did figure it out eventually (my cousin figured it out before me but he's older and now denys that he believed them at all) and never fully trusted my grandmother's teachings after that.
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