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Scientology: The Unfunny Sequel

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I had a look for an existing thread for this to go into, but a quick look at the first page didn't find much, so I made a new one.


  • Yeah, let's just make this thread where we collect all the scary scientology links. Here's a good one.
  • Yah can't forget Operation Clambake.
  • If you look at the number of Scientology-related stuff that makes it to the front page on Digg, it's surprising they haven't added a Scientology category yet.
  • The whole thing is kinda scary. It's really too bad, though, cause there's nothing that can be done unless you have seen and can point out where Scientology is violating laws. For the most part, it's just crazy people acting within their rights to be crazy and give money to faux religions.
  • Totally weird.... I can't view either of the scientology ones in Safari. I search around and find that many people were having a problem viewing some YTMNDs in Firefox....

    So I fire up the fox and it loads just fine while my Safari page is just sitting there looping the sound with no images. That's not true. It shows the "title" image but just sits there.


    Oh, and it's cool, once you get to actually see it.
  • YTMND Has problems in every browser that isn't IE for me. Its very annoying.
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    To be honest, I havent looked at this, or many of the other entries in this thread, but;

    Edit: Oops, Sorry about double posting, I wasn't looking.
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  • Gold, Jerry deaf-mute! Gold!

    Deaf-mute, I think double posting is fine in forums like this where there's no signatures that take up half the screen.
  • A scientologist cause the only fight I had in years.
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    The BBC just tried to investigate and like others got stalked.

    Panorama - Scientology and Me
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  • That was some pretty scary stuff

    Here is the son talking about the father
  • I feel sorry for Tom, but GO GERMANY !
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