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GeekNights 080710 - Waiting in Line

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Tonight on GeekNights we offer advice and reminisce about waiting in line.

Scott's Thing - The Great Office War
Rym's Thing - Passive Aggressive Notes


  • You guys did an episode about lines. Unless this differs a lot from that.
  • I thought this topic sounded familiar.
  • I thought that as well, but lines are a good topic. I freaking love lines.
  • I freaking love lines.
  • Crystal City is in Virgina.
  • Crystal City is in Virgina.
    Technically it is a burb of Arlington, VA.
  • Saying weird stuff whenever you pass by someone works in almost any situation, not just in lines. For example: Harry Potter midnight releases. Oh, the memories.
  • Thanks for bringing up the Nerf ad again, I am wondering how to make a frisbee spinfusor as I type.
  • Haven't listened to the episode yet, but the video reminded me of this one:
  • Rym's psych ward story sounded like a scene from a zombie movie. Are you sure they were not zombies Rym?
  • Not a big fan of waiting in lines, reason being the line cutter. I have experienced having to deal with the rude line cutter many times over the years.
    If you ever watched Dead Like Me TV show there is a scene where one of the characters deals with a line cutter. She cuts in front of five people, while leaving her car running outside. It is indeed a priceless scene of how to deal with a rude person cutting in a line in a calm and direct way.
    The line that was a good one was the line for the original Star Wars movie back in the day.
  • I'm going to have to test my special social currency at Otakon this year. I have a gold Legend of Zelda DS, that combined with my Link costume shall be quite the awesome.
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    Your phone was in your pocket while showering? You wear clothes while showering? What the hell...

    Anyhow...the biggest lines I've ever been on were at Cedar Point. And yeah, if you're at the park and it closes, you can stay on the line until you get on the ride. Cutting it also pretty retarded. There's no way in hell I'd waste my $40 and my 1.5 hour drive down on a simple line cut. I'd rather wait the extra half hour or so than risk my money and generally my whole day.
    The one time I got fucked over is when I was in line for the Dragster and it broke down...then we had to leave (on a school trip), so we wasted about a half hour to an hour waiting in line for essentially nothing.
    Though I think the longest I've waited was like 1 - 1.5 hours for Millenium Force and around 1.5 - 2 hours for Maverick.

    And at anime cons, I barely ever wait. The longest reg wait I've ever waited was like 20 minutes at Ohayocon '08. I waited for like 15-20 minutes for a line to get into the Dealers' Room at Colossalcon. Other than that, no lines, really. Granted the biggest con I've ever been to was Ohayocon 08, which had somewhere between 5000 - 7000 people.

    Also, why is letting people know your battery died a big deal? I don't understand....

    A lot of the "social currency" and the "king of the line" stuff borderlines on "Hello, I'm a giant fucking attention whore. GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION!!!".
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  • Thaaaa Shockaaaaa! Ha cha cha cha chaaaaa!
  • You guys had me up until the part where you started talking about how awesome it was to cut in line, with the subtext that you are so much more clever than the sobbing-hysterical-naked masses because you don't have qualms about screwing people over and then blaming them for believing that a line for an iPhone or a rollercoaster should not have to constitute a "survival of the fittest" scenario. Cutting (or "skipping" as we call it down South) in line is not a good way to showcase your rugged individualism; it just means that you are being a bad person.

    As an example: I am planning on seeing The Dark Knight at midnight the day it comes out next week. Probably I am not the only person on this forum who plans to do so. I will most likely get there early because of the huge line there will be to get good seats, and while we wait for the theater to open I will just hang out with some friends who plan on coming with me. It will be a nice way to unwind from the work week (which for me ends on Thursday) and get myself psyched up for what promises to be an awesome movie. The last thing I will want to do amidst such a pleasant atmosphere is be put in a situation where I have to give someone a bunch of shit for skipping in line like a prick. Just because I have the ability to raise hell if I need to doesn't mean that I am always looking to do so. Likewise, the people at amusement parks you mention are there on vacation, to have a nice time with their families and/or friends. The fact that they often choose to just deal with the minor inconvenience of having someone skip in front of them rather than raising a ruckus and dealing with a potentially greater inconvenience (as you say, most people do hate conflict) does not excuse you from forcing them to make that decision in the first place.
  • Crystal City is in Virgina.
    Technically it is a burb of Arlington, VA.
    It's not a burb of Arlington because it's part of Arlington. All of Arlington County is also Arlington the city. Clarendon, Rosslyn, Courthouse and yes Crystal City are all unincorporated urban centers that are referred to more out of convenience then them actually being any sort of entity unto themselves.

    Needless to say, both Scott and Rym were correct. Crystal City is not it's own city but it's also not part of DC.

    \Detail stickler from NoVa
  • I also think that cutting in line is not acceptable behavior. I agree with Mr. Blithe above. It is just rude. Do unto others, folks.
  • I must say, I have not been a big fan of waiting in lines. However, I spent the night in the line for the iPhone 3G (I knew how unnecessary it was going into it), and the people you are waiting with really do make all the difference. Plus,being near the front I got a chance to see some of the "neo-hippies" get chased down by security.
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    I saw the office wars video...I cried then looked up every possible way I could mod my Nerf maverick. By the way, the Nerf sniper rifle is called the Nerf Longshot CS-6 and all the guns you see in the video have been around for a while. The Longshot is actually two guns that attach together with a folding bipod and it uses a clip based system for ammunition. The machine gun you spoke of is called the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25. Its tripod mounted and has a 25 round belt. The belt feed is automatic and runs on 6 D batteries. After the dart is shot it puts the belt into a case mounted on the side.
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  • I'll have to go back and listen to the previous "Standing in Lines" episode to compare for sure, but from what I remember, I think that this new "lines" episode is the better of the two. The previous one felt fairly unremarkable (maybe you guys were tired when you did that one?), while this one felt very upbeat and awesome.

    Also, thanks for linking to Passive Aggressive Notes. I wasted about as much time today as Rym did with it, and possibly a good deal more.
  • I listened to parts of this podcast while walking through some airports. The longest I waited in any line was about 1 minute, the rest of the time I was walking or sitting and reading. Part of this was due to the airports not being too busy and cleverly laid out, but also because most passengers don't seem to know shit about how an airport works. Just by good timing and waiting comfortably you can avoid any rushes and standing about. Most lines in life can be avoided.

    Still, when unavoidable, having a book or an iPod really helps.
  • A lot of the "social currency" and the "king of the line" stuff borderlines on "Hello, I'm a giant fucking attention whore. GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION!!!".
    Wait, how long have you listened to Geeknights? You mean you haven't realized already that Rym and Scott thrive on the attention of others? They are basically G.F.A.W.'s and proud of it.

    Also, cutting in line is a dickish thing to do. I wouldn't cut in line. I get frustrated because when those two say stuff like this it makes them sound like mean people and it makes me mad when I listen.
  • Wait, how long have you listened to Geeknights? You mean you haven't realized already that Rym and Scott thrive on the attention of others? They are basically G.F.A.W.'s and proud of it.
    Since around last August...and yeah, I guess I should've
  • They are basically G.F.A.W.'s and proud of it.
    Great fuckin' attention whores?
    Gay flamboyant attention whores?
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    Gay flamboyant attention whores?
    What else would anyone think it was?
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  • looked up every possible way I could mod my Nerf maverick.
    If you are actually going to mod it, The first thing you should do to it is the Russian Roulette mod. Having access to the entire drum while loading is extremely useful in a firefight, and I would recommend doing that before you take on any of your friends.
  • An art teacher left us with the assignment to go to a crowded line (for me, it was all about the movie lines at premiers) with a notepad and a pencil (no eraser) , and simply draw and engage people, then when we were at the end of the line, just leave and join another one. It was actually really cool, specially the expression of the people when they realized what you were doing in the end, I actually saw some other people whipping out their own and doodled away.
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    Here it is, nearly two weeks past relevance: The Acen '08 Reg Line Story.

    Part 2 for those interested:
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