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Middle America's favorite game removed from the Geek! Oh the tragedy!

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Holy. Crap.

I was perusing the Geek as I am wont to do and I came across this forum thread about a game called...

Wait for it....


Yes, boys and girls, you too can have hours of fun playing cornhole with your siblings right out in the open, fresh air. Perhaps have your ma and pa join in! Invite the neighbors over to watch you cornhole your dad over a nice mint julep....
If you get an especially nice cornhole on your sister they might put a picture of it up on .

Maybe if you're good enough you can cornhole the whole roster of the Cincinnati Bengals! Or, if you're really lucky, THEY will cornhole YOU for charity on tv!

If you're really good you can get sponsorships for the Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic _starting_ at $2,500.

As "popular" as this "game" is with the midwestern set had the audacity to go and remove the listing for it! Can you believe the nerve? This is obviously not something we can let stand. I say we start a petition.

I just.... I don't know what to do with this. There's so much fucking comedy gold here that I just don't know where to start. It's stymied me.


  • I sent this out to my email list and a friend sent this back to me:

    "yesterday when I was looking at furniture listings on cragislist I came across a listing for a "new bonk bed." yes. a bonk bed. the ad mentioned that it is perfect for siblings sharing a room. just what every brother and sister need, a bonk bed.

    lots of incest humor going around."
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    Oh man... Seriously... I can't even stand this... I'm gonna fucking die here...

    "Our mission is (1) to introduce our friends and neighbors to the game of Cornhole, (2) to establish more standardized guidelines for equipment and tournament play, (3) to educate and share information about Cornhole, (4) to rank our members based on the results of ACA [American Cornhole Association] tournament play around the country, and (5) to promote and grow the game of Cornhole.

    For veteran Cornholers, being ranked relative to other Cornholers around the country is great fun and adds a whole new dimension to Cornhole tournament play. Last years ACA Cornholer of the Year, said it best, “the ACA ranking system allows you to play against the best Cornholers in the country without leaving your own backyard, it is great fun”. The ACA is also a great place to list and market your next Cornhole tournament or event. "
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