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Ok, there's just waaaay too much freaking HI-larious stuff on the Geek today.

So aside from CORNHOLE! there was a forum topic about a "new" "game" called, you guessed it, Chessboxing.

"The thinking man's contact sport" that was invented by a cartoonist (but of COURSE it was...).

Here's the forum thread on the Geek. There's some pretty funny comments there.
Like this one from John Snyder (CapAp),
"It's in the new issue of Games magazine, too. I just don't get the interest in this. I can munch on a cheeseburger while sitting on the toilet, but it doesn't make "EatCrapping" a new activity. I'm just doing two things one after the other. It's not like anything's been invented here. These guys box, then play chess, then box.
Whatever. I'm going to go play alittle ipodWalking. Or maybe just do a little TVReading."

Oh man, and it just goes on in a similar vein from there.

Here are the links that were shown in the thread:

World Chess Boxing Organisation

ESPN story "By hook or by rook" EDIT: Oh man.. great video here :EDIT

Wikipedia entry

Big ol' database of all kinds of links on the sportgame @


  • Yeah, well i'm going to do some CounterstrikePlaying! Oh.. Right...
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