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Civ Revolution

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Anyone else pick this up yet?

I got my copy last night and have played only one game on it so far. From what I have seen thus far it is a stripped down version of Civ4. I have read some reviews on the Internet that claim the Wi-Fi on the DS can also be used to link up to players on the 360 and PS3.

I have the DS version and these are the big changes I noticed right away:

1) Fast - I completed my first game (chieftain/Aztec) in under 2 hours. The Aztecs have the ability to fully heal their combat units after a battle as long as they win the battle.
2) No more workers - There are some preset production choices (land around your city) you can use or you can customize the whole thing. Roads are built from the city menu and appear as soon as they are paid for. Roads can only link cities you own so you can't build an invasion expressway.
3) Easy access - You can either use the control pad or the stylus to move your "window on the world" around. The right button cycles through your cities and makes city management very easy.
4) Armies - You can join three of the same unit into an army (3x attack/defense) which is very important. There are times when throwing three units at an enemy would result in you losing two while they lose one. With an army it's like sending three units at once and you only lose one if they all die. Couple this with the Aztec healing power and you can see what happens.

So far I am enjoying the DS version of the game. It's not going to replace the PC version but it works great on the DS. I'm not sure if I would go for the console versions because if I was going to sit at home playing Civ I'd rather play it on my computer.


  • Yea, Scott also seemed to grow into liking this game. For me, I'll probably just get a laptop that will be able to play Civ IV which I'm horribly addicted too.
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