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Comic Books.. Brian K Vaughn

edited December 2005 in Manga/Comics
I just realized that the four books I've been reading are all been or currently being written by a writer named Brian K Vaughn. Who writes Y the last man (which Scott Rubin has said he's liked) and he also writes Ex Machina (which is a Political Thriller with super powers (I.E. You should check this out Rym and Scott)) Yet he also writes to other books I read Runaways and he just finished up a run on Ultimate X-men. All of which have been quality!


  • Hmm, I've seen that ex machina about. Perhaps I'll buy issue one or the trade or something. Today is going to be a huge week for comics and manga though going to need a sherpa to carry my backpack to the train.
  • So since you mentioned it today in the podcast what did you think of his other work?
  • I've read Y, Runaways and Ex Machina, and they are all great. I'll be sure to watch out for any new stuff he comes out with that isn't tied into any crazy superhero universes.
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