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How often do you re-consume media?

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How often do you re-watch your favourite movies, re-play your favourite video games, etc? Also, do you re-consume media that you liked, but didn't love? I tend to re-watch my favourite movies and rarely re-play my favourite games, if you don't include multi-player.


  • Depends on the mood, but at least once every year or two.
  • Depending on the title every year or every few months.
  • I re-read my favorite books or even books I was merely satisfied with quite often, but it's rare that I re-consume any other media. Like, my favorite couple of movies, maybe, I'll reconsume sometimes, but not much beyond that.
  • For anime, every few months for stuff like Utena and Lain, more for pretty much any good series. House of Leaves twice a year for books. I don't really re-play games.
  • There are certain things that will get re-read or rewatched, but those are only the best of the best. We're talking about things like Watchmen, Akira, Evangelion, Star Wars, LotR, etc.
  • I rewatch a lot of movies and reread a lot of books, but that is because I tend to have a lot of free time.
  • I'm going through a phase of rewatching a lot of old movies and TV shows. I started by rewatching Babylon 5, then the Evil Dead trilogy, then Firefly, and now The Micallef Program (an excellent Pythonesque sketch comedy show), and once that's done, I'll watch all of Deadwood, then possibly The Wire.
  • I'm trying to get in the habit of only reading, playing, watching and listening to triple A material. As a result there will be lots of re-consuming of media. My thinking is this: "Why play an ok game when I can play an awesome game that I just can't get enough of (I.e. Mass Effect, BioShock, FEAR etc).

    I find that when playing a game that is only okay, it feels more like work to play through it. While a AAA game is always entertaining, just as a great book, movie or song is always entertaining.

    Of course there will still be some crap consumed since trying new things is the only way to find new AAA material. I just have to convince myself to simple turn it off or put it down if it's not enjoyable.
  • If I own it and it is a movie, then it's likely to get re-watched a few times a year. I own very few movies. However, if it's a series then it's a little less often, especially anime. I have a lot of hobbies that require use of hands and eyes, but I like to put something on in the background. Because of that, I end up re-watching a lot things. As for re-reading...hell I can't even find the time to read it initially. How the heck would I read it again? Too busy making things to make money.
  • I rewatch a substantial number of my movies, probably a 1/3 of them get watched once a year while some (like Hackers) get watched once a month or so. I dont replay video games as I have far too many, even if the game is awesome it's unlikely to get a 2nd chance...they're just too long to dedicate another round to. I've only reread a few books and none of them in recent years as I just dont have time to reread them.
  • I rairly re-comsume media the same way as I origionally consumed it. I may re-watch a televisiopn show, but my attention will never really be 100% focused on it, like I am when I see a movie for the first time. I will have it on in the background or something, and if someone else hasn't seen it I will watch for their reactions and liston to their ideas on the movie as it progresses. I find this more enjoyable then re watching somthing I already have seen. This is why I can't re-read many things... for I am unable to do these two things with a book. Well I can re-read comedy but thats an exception to the rule.
  • I don't re-consume much aside from manga or comics. Static video games I only go back to if I haven't beaten them, other games I cycle through depending on my mood, but I'm not sure it can really be considered re-playing if the game is meant to be played in a repetitive way. Books only the best of them get re-read at all, and I tend to remember their contents for long enough that it tends to in excess of a year or so. TV/movies are re-watched even less because there's always some new anime or movie I'd be just as willing to watch, and I don't already know the plot.
  • Multiplayer video games get reconsumed more than anything else.
  • Multiplayer video games get reconsumed more than anything else.
    When does a multiplayer game like counterstrike go from being consumed to reconsumed, after the first time you play it? It's odd to think of reconsuming a multiplayer game that isn't co-op, since you don't really beat/finish it.
  • I used to rewatch movies constantly when I worked at a video rental store. Today, there are only a few movies that I don't mind rewatching, however I will more than likely have it on the background as I do something else such as play on the DS or on the computer. I enjoy rewatching any Pixar/Disney movie as well as animated series like Justice League or Batman: The Animated Series. As for anime, I can rewatch a few, however I mostly watch them subtitled so I find it hard to actually find time to sit down and rewatch them.

    As rereading books and manga, there are a few novels I will reread. If the next book in the series is being released, I'll go ahead and reread the previous book in the series before it comes out to refresh my memory with the story. As for manga, I've reread some manga maybe once or twice to also refresh my memory with the storyline. Some manga volumes release so few and far between that I need to at least read the previous volume.

    For video games, I really don't replay much. Maybe something from Super Mario Bros, but it's hard to find time in general to do these things when I'd rather do something new or something else.
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    When does a multiplayer game like counterstrike go from being consumed to reconsumed, after the first time you play it? It's odd to think of reconsuming a multiplayer game that isn't co-op, since you don't really beat/finish it.
    When you play every single retail map and have used all the guns?
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  • Justice League
    Hahahaha. I've been rewatching those all week.
  • I would say I reconsume my favorite on a fairly regular basis. I watch Star Wars about once every year or so. I've seen Cowboy Bebop 5-6 times. Etc.

    As far as reconsuming stuff you enjoyed but didn't love, I would say I do so often, but not regularly. This mostly happens with music. I will listen to an album once and find it alright. But I will usually go back once or twice more to get a final opinion on it.
  • To me, there are essentially two very different reasons for watching/reading something again. The first reason is that I liked the characters the first time through and I want to meet them again. Firefly is a good example, Lord of the Rings also, or Ender's Game. It never works with movies or books that get their appeal from clever surprises, like Matrix or The DaVinci Code. Video Games are somehow different, because they are more an activity rather than passive consumption. So as long as I like the activity, I play them, e.g. Advance Wars. The much lauded replay value of some role playing games never does the trick for me, because the story will be essentially the same, whether I'm good or evil, and the accompanying klickfest is usually not enjoyable enough in itself.

    The second reason is that sometimes the book/movie is so complex that I don't get all the connections the first time through. Then it's really great to do it again and go "Ahh, THAT's what this is about!" instead of "Huh??". All of the magnificent Gene Wolfe's books are like that, maybe Watchmen also. No movie comes to mind right now...
  • When I have time :(
  • Movies (including anime movies)- depends if I'm with a group. On my own, I don't reconsume movies all that often (or at all), but if I'm watching with friends I'll watch the same shit over and over.

    Anime series- Bebop and FLCL are about all I'll do. Bebop cause I love it and FLCL because the music is awesome and it's so short that reconsuming it isn't a big deal.

    Video games- Depends, but more than any other media. I tend to play the old Mario games at least once a year. I try do speed runs of the original mario and do random levels in Mario world whenever I have time and feel like playing. Also, old puzzle games are fun to go back to, if I particularly liked them...As for RPGs, I BARELY ever go back to those. I've played Fire Emblem and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga multiple times, but that was back in gradeschool when I had a TON of time on my hands.

    books and comics- damn near never. I'll re-read good manga chapters every now and then, but it's not often.
  • It varies for me. If the game doesn't have much replay value I'll trade it in when I'm done. But if I like it, even if it doesn't have much replay value I'll keep it and play it when I'm bored with everything else in my collection and nothing is out that I'd want. It's similar with a movie except I keep those longer.
  • If the game doesn't have much replay value I'll trade it in when I'm done.
    Even if you want to get rid of a game, why trade it in? NEVER trade a game in. Ever. It's a rip-off. Think about it. You sell the game to Gamestop for $10. They sell it for $20. You could have just sold it for $20! And you could have gotten real money, not store credit. Trading in games is never ever a good idea, ever.
  • I was a child before the internets became what it is today. I had basic cable and weekend trips to the video rental store. So as I kid I used to rewatch shows all the time. I was quite the couch potato. I had no monies so the video games I got, I played to death. Now that I'm an adult and I have access to more media that I know what to do with, I rarely go back and rewatch or reread anything. I do listen to my music over and over again though.
  • For me, music comes heavily to mind. If I get an album that I really like I'll listen to it many times over before I move on to the next one. When I don't have new music I tend to latch on in the same way to an album I've already got.

    There are a few books that I'll read every year at least, and a few that I have to read more than once to fully appreciate. Beyond that I haven't really found a book that I like enough to read over and over again.

    For video games it's very subjective. Outside of the best of the best (the Half Life series, Portal, Ratchet and Clank 3 etc.), the only games I replay are the ones that can't really be beaten like Counter Strike or Dwarf Fortress.

    As for movies and TV shows, I barely watch them anyway, so when I do I try to make it something new.
  • You could have just sold it for $20!
    Not true. Gamestop tends to give you a better deal than ebay (unless a game is rare, then ebay all the way), especially if you include the listing fees and whatnot. And then not counting ebay, there might be a few other places you could sell your games, but it's not that easy. Also, gamestop gives decent deals on recent games...$20 for New Super Mario Bros? Not bad. I'm still keeping the game though.
    Then again, most trade ins at Gamestop ARE ripoffs, but the odds of you being able to get a better offer is unlikely.
  • For me, music comes heavily to mind.
    If I find a song I really, really like, I'll loop it for hours.
  • For me, music comes heavily to mind.
    If I find a song I really, really like, I'll loop it for hours.
    Ditto. Yesterday I was listening to Twilight too much.
  • I can't loop songs. I'll loop albums after I've heard them once or twice, and use them as background music, but songs just seem too short and repetitive on loop. There's always exceptions, though. Jellybones by The Unicorns and Cheer it On by Tokyo Police Club come to mind, but there are probably only a dozen songs I've had on repeat for a long time.

    With books I always feel like I should reread some, but I never can force myself to. The only book I've read more than twice is The Phantom Tollbooth, I think.
  • Love On a Real Train by Tangerine Dream?
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