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Game related events in NY for this Saturday.

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Hey peeps in NYC, your Saturday could be awesome (if your not already going to PAX)! Here's two events that were emailed to me via office email.

First at 3pm to 7 pm.

Outplay 2008
Game creation for the people!
New York, NY -
Saturday, August 30th, 3pm-7pm, The Great Hill - Central Park, Subway: A,B,C
to 103rd st.

The Outdoor Game Creation Tournament, is a celebration of fun and creativity. Participants arriving at The Great Hill will be divided into teams. Preassigned team leaders (game designers) will receive a random set of rules/props that will then be used by their team mates to invent outdoor games. Next, teams will play the newly created games against other teams. The vision behind the tournament is to let the public experience the thrilling process of game creation and testing. Outplay 2008 website:

Email for RSVP:
One note: we are not affiliated with any commercial/non-commercial
organization. This event is organized on voluntary basis and fun, fun,

Then At Midnight Game Bros. live! at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre.

The first sounds more interesting to me then the second. I'm not sure if I'll be attending these things but I figured I'll do my part by informing you on fun stuff in the city. I should have done that with Come out and Play (my coworkers created it). If i did, maybe more of you would have joined in!


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