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Whats your opinion of Chaotic TCG?

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Recently I was at FanExpo and got to try out a demo for a Trading Card Game called Chaotic, it was kind of neat because it played somewhat like a miniatures game by having all the creatures out at once rather than randomly drawing and playing them (such as Pokemon, Magic, YuGiOh, WOW and pretty much everything else). Plus you are able to upload the cards onto the internet and play online. I don't think I'll buy it anytime soon, but I was curious to see if anyone has tried it.


  • I tried the game and really did not like it. The worst part is how the combat is resolved because it's just drawing attack cards until one monster dies. I like how they implemented the online connectivity, but it's not enough to save the game.
  • Sadly, I found myself watching the Sunday morning cartoon tie-in one fateful day earlier this year. I will never get that 23 minutes back, but it helped me get past the hangover.
  • The Chaotic cartoon makes Yu-Gi-Oh look like The Count of Monte Cristo
  • The Chaotic cartoon makes Yu-Gi-Oh look likeThe Count of Monte Cristo
    The book or Gankutusou?
  • I think he just meant that that Chaotic Cartoon is Shit. Man, I have a coworker who was in the animation industry and always talks up the chaotic show. I am sad for hitting play. I haven't played the TCG or anything though, so sorry for the tangent.
  • No, but that tie in cartoon is annoying.
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