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Matrix RAID

edited August 2008 in Technology
I stumbled accross something Intel released a while ago called Matrix RAID (or sometimes Matrix Storage) and was suprised it I hadn't heard it talked about before. Put simply, what it does is allow you to raid different parts of a hard drive in different ways. I'm thinking of using it on two 500GB drives and create one 250 mirrored (RAID 1) partition and a 500 striped (RAID 0) partition so I can get 250GB of redundant storage for backups and 500GB for media storage.

Has anyone else heard of this before or used it? It seems like a really good idea (performance doesn't seem to be badly effected) so I was wondering why it isn't so widely used.


  • I love to build FreeNAS servers. To me this seems like it would just be fun for something to do. If you can get you're hands on a second computer, even a really crappy one, build a server. If you absolutely can only have one computer, get a USB drive for backups.
  • This is part of a planned server I'm working on. I'm trying to see how much I can do with my laptop without needing to attach any wires.
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