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ZOMG, people actually believe this.
Our primary mission, here at, is to promote psychic freedom for the common man:
* Psychic freedom from the tyranny of computers and their digital menace.
* Psychic freedom from the insane mind-control machinations of the CIA.
* Psychic freedom from the crushing brutalities of our physical existence.
The irony... the idiocy... the Randi... ow, my brain hurts.


  • What an elaborate satire!
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    No, I'm pretty sure that site is satire. Check out their Employment page.
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  • What an elaborate satire!
    Um, yes.
    1996 A.D.
    The Amazing Randi dies!
  • I wonder if they realize the irony of promoting the destruction of machinery on the internet. I think I'll start the destruction with their home server.
  • What an elaborate satire!
    I stumbled upon the page while looking for a review of the Merlin television show. As soon as I saw the mission statement I thought the ridiculousness of the page had to be a joke, but I have seen so much that I thought was a joke, and then it turned out to be a doctrine that people actually believe that I just assumed it was more crazies. I am actually relieved to see that it was a joke. ^_^
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