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M.D. Geist is on RIGHT NOW

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Turn on SciFi and enjoy.


  • Thank goodness I don't get Sci-Fi up here in Canada. I'm saved from the temptation of watching this. XD
  • It's so terrible and yet so beautiful.
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    Motherfucking marshmallow goo!

    Well, the last ten minutes were pretty hilarious. I can't imagine myself enjoying for a greater amount of time by myself though.
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    Daaangaaaraaas, moast daaangaaaraaas!

    I hope they show part 2 next week.
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  • MD Geists is the soldier that keeps on giving.
  • You mean the most dangerous man that's so hard to find here in NZ man America your so lucky.
  • M.D. Geist stands for Most Dangerous Geist, but really it should be B.D. Geist, Biggest Dick Geist. The dude is suck a dick! oh, and face melting with his hand.
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