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Ettercap and MITM

edited October 2008 in Everything Else
I just used ettercap to spoof the DNS of my brother's computer. I redirected his favorite sites to the totally random He somehow knew it was me (when something weird happens to the net, it's usually me). MITM attacks can be pretty fun. I'd love to spoof the DNS at school, but our IT network administrator is just so damn good...

(On other thought, is the eeepc usable for programming, word processing, and web browsing?)


  • The Eee PC is definitely usable for Word Processing and web browsing. Just don't expect web sites with 3d in-browser games like to work very well. As for programming, it depends what you are making. As long as you stick to programming things that will run on the machine, you'll be fine. If you want to program a ray tracer, forget it.

    Also, as in the other netbook thread, I encourage you to check out the other machines that are similar to the Eee PC. Dell, HP, and many other companies are also making cheap low-powered notebooks, and the Eee PC isn't necessarily the #1 player anymore.
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