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Anime Insider's 50 Best

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Anime Insider just celebrated their 50th issue with a list of their pick for the 50 best anime. I was wondering what you all that of it cause I know I don't agree with it all.

50. Escaflowne
49. Saikano
48. Berserk
47. Kino's Journey
46. Cardcaptor Sakura
45. Fantastic Children
44. Irresponsible Captian Taylor
43. Giant Robo: The Animation
42. Twelve Kingdoms
41. Azumanga Daioh
40. Urusei Yatsura
39. Astro Boy
38. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
37. Fruits Basket
36. Night on the Galactic Railroad
35. Excel Saga
34. Trigun
33. Read or Die
32. Princess Mononoke
31. Gunbuster: Aim for the Top!
30. Samurai X: Trust and Betryal
29. The Place Promised in Our Early Days
28. Planetes
27. Samurai Champloo
26. Mobile Suit Gundum 0080: War in the Pocket
25. Princess Tutu
24. Serial Experiments Lain
23. Galaxy Express 999
22. Patlabor The Movie 2
21. Tokyo Godfathers
20. Gankutsuou
19. My Neighbor Totoro
18. Boogiepop Phantom
17. Paranoia Agent
16. Grave of the Fireflies
15. Haibane Renmei
14. Ghost in the Shell/Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
13. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
12. Now and Then, Here and There
11. Full Metal Alchemist
10. Macross Plus
09. Akira
08. The Castle of Cagliostro
07. Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
06. Neon Genesis Evangelion
05. Revolutionary Girl Utena
04. FLCL
03. Millennium Actress
02. Porco Rosso


  • Not a perfect list, but not bad.
  • It saddens me that I haven't heard of a lot of these.
  • That list has 10 anime I have seen, 7 anime that I have ready to watch, 20 anime that I want to watch, 11 anime I don't really want to watch, and 2 that I never heard of. A decent list I'd say.
  • I've seen 13 of them, there's 7 that I want to see and 30 that I haven't seen or haven't heard about. I'm surprised that Ergo Proxy didn't make the list.
  • I always take such broad list with a grain of salt. It looks like a pretty good list though. I was surprised to see Gankutsuou so high, but I adore that anime so I am happy.
  • If they are not in order is ok, but I still believe the Full Metal Achemist manga is 100 times better than the anime. Also the lack of Monster, Phoenix, the Original Gundam Trilogy and SDF Macross is disturbing.
  • MSG wasn't that good. Regardless, I'm glad to see 0080 up there.
  • Sigh... You kids.

    I've seen 42 of them either all the way through or far enough in to have a fairly solid opinion. I've heard of/know something substantial about all of them.
  • I've watched 27 of them, I would have swapped Abe's work around, Haibane Renmai with Lain (and placed Lain a bit higher on the list)
  • 0080 was definitely not the best Gundam series, though.
  • I've seen 19. The one that surprises me is Jin-Roh which was good, but not that good.
  • I've watched 33 of those on the list in their entirety. There are 14 others that I have seen partially, or mostly, but not completely. I am familiar with every single show on the list.
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    Seen 29, parts of 13, and the final 8 are things that I know of. Wow, I am an otaku. This makes me feel old, but there is some really good stuff on there.
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  • I've seen all or part of 33 of those anime. All the rest I know of. I am an otaku. I didn't think Urusei would be on the list at all. I'm glad it is! I think Escaflowne should of been higher on the list.
  • FLCL is my favorite anime, and even I think it's a little too high.
  • I'm kinda disappointed that Baccano! isn't on there.
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    Think its only licensed titles. That could be it.
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    Baccano! is licensed. It just hasn't come out on DVD yet.

    Also, I've seen all or a substantial amount of 26 of the titles, know a pretty good chunk of info about 15 others, at least know what 8 more are, and only don't know a thing about 1 (Now and Then, Here and There; heard of it, but haven't looked much into that one yet).
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  • I've seen all but a few of these. I'm surprised Planetes made the list. I didn't think it had any kind of fan following. It's very atypical of most animes out their I mean.
  • Seen all of 8, some of 7, heard of 46 of those shows before...yeah I need to watch more...

    Other than Cowboy Bebop, I don't really agree with that list. FLCL is much too high, even though I love it.
  • Not a bad list, but Planetes in there surprises me. Not that it is any way bad, I love it. I own both the Manga and the anime, but the Manga is sooooo much better and the anime is pretty much sprinkled with semi-bad filler episodes. Nonetheless, the series is very much underappreciated, which is why I'm surprised in a positive way :)
  • 0080 was definitely not the best Gundam series, though.
    Then what is?
  • 0080 was definitelynotthe best Gundam series, though.
    Then what is?
    Char's Counterattack.
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    People, everyone knows the best Gundam series is G Gundam
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  • Spandex wins the day?
  • Spandex wins everyday!
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    0080 was definitelynotthe best Gundam series, though.
    Then what is?
    My personal favorite is probably Wing, by virtue of nostalgia (among other things), but I think either Zeta or 08th MS Team was the objective best. I watched 08th MS Team last night, and it nearly made me cry at the end (I never cry at media of any kind, to provide a reference point).
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  • I really liked 08th MS team, for it has that whole "enemies in love" angle and I like the jungle warfare. Wing I like, but not really because it's a great show, but because when I was 15 I was such a little fangirl for the cute suicidal space terrorists who were the same age as me. I drew many pictures of Duo.
  • Yeah, 08th MS team is great because it's just a really good war story in the jungle. The only difference is that they happen to use Gundams. They don't draw any special attention to the Gundams, or their special attacks. They just treat them as a realistic war movie would treat tanks.
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