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Favorite and lesser known shortcuts of your favorite programs

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Everyone knows control + z. Everyone knows control + c and then control + v. But this a discussion dedicated to shortcuts that you cannot live without, but are not commonly used by many people know. I'll start off with one of my favorite shortcuts.

In firefox, this well reopen the tab you has just closed. I really have no idea how I even managed to use firefox without this shortcut. Since I go on tangents all the time during my browsing, I'll often close many of my 30+ tabs that are open and accidentally close what I was researching 20 minutes ago that I had forgotten. Since I hold down ctrl + w(another favorite) to close all the tabs quickly, closing a tab accidentally is a common occurrence. My left hand is always poised on my keyboard, ready to enact whatever shortcut it requires.


  • Windows + L: For locking my computer.
    Windows + D: Shows my Desktop.
    Ctrl + T: because at home I have no 3rd mouse button.
    Ctrl + W: (See above).
    Ctrl + Shift + V: shortcut for my clipboard manager. (They should built one into the operating system!)
  • Do we really need a thread for this? Just read the documentation people!
  • Do we really need a thread for this? Justread the documentationpeople!
    F1: What Scott said.
    Alt-F4: For anyone who doesn't use F1.
  • Speaking of Ctrl + C/V/X
    When I'm not on laptop, I'm using Ctrl/Shift + Ins/Del combos instead. Sure, you have to move your hand from home row, but when copy/pasting I often need to move my hand to cursor keys anyways.
    Anyone else uses them?
  • I don't know if anyone else's comptuer used to do this, but Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del was an auto-reboot on an old (Win 95 era) computer of mine.
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    Windows Key+Pause Break: Brings up the System Properties screen on Windows computers
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  • In a text editor: alt + 0252.
  • alt + 0252
    I have viewed your actions over yonder.
  • alt + 0252
    I have viewed your actions over yonder.
    I always have to look up the one for British pounds. Grrr.
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