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Things I shouldn't not do in New Orleans?

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I'm going to be in New Orleans for the weekend. Is there any thing I *must* do in the city? My only plans so far are to eat food and go to a jazz bar, and maybe take a boat across the river. Is there anything else anyone can recommend?


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    you shouldn't sleep with a shady hooker.

    Oh Oh, it was things you shouldn't not do...
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    Visit Marie Laveau's grave. Eat at Acme Oyster House, Remulaud's, Desire, and Commander's Palace. Go to a touristy voodoo shop. Go to Laffite's Bar (supposed to be haunted). Go to Cafe Du Monde and eat beaucoups beignets. Go to Central Grocery for the best muffaletta in the world.
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  • Go to Cafe Du Monde and eat beaucoups beignets.
  • Drink Bourbon on Bourbon St.
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