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The Fallout [3] of That's Totally BS!

edited January 2009 in Art!
I've thought about showing you all this video I made, but thought who would care. But in the end, here you go. Based on my own gameplay experiences in Fallout 3, witness what the mercs of Talon Co. would do if you're not around, and one girl's twisted sense of good and evil. Some things just annoyed me while playing the game that I just had to make a video out of it. Oh yeah, this installment is the series finale for one of my series.

NEWGROUNDS | DEVIANTART | YOUTUBE (6:03 synced) | YOUTUBE (6:06 complete)

The difference between the two Youtube versions is that the "synced" was a test version to try out Youtube's 720p HD, and deleted; but the "complete" version, while it has all the sound effects and "polish", the audio is off by about a second. So for those that are annoyed by off-sync videos, I've decided to leave the "synced" version in.
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