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Puzzle Pirates

edited January 2009 in Video Games
So...let us talk about the awesome game that isn't quite an MMO and DOES involve skill to play instead of clicking (although the skill requires clicking): Puzzle Pirates.


  • Eh, it's alright.
  • I played it back in the day, when it was beta. People who played in the alpha got free accounts for life. I got a free account for a long time, but not forever. I stopped playing when my free account ran out. It didn't help that our crew which was once the almighty awesome, especially in the beta server, never regained its former glory. Though I do believe we in the Orange Revolution did leave a permanent mark upon the world in some fashion.

    Anyway, the main reason I got bored with PP back in the day was that the puzzles get monotonous. I mean, sure some of them were pretty good, but not as good as Tetris. Carpentry can be fun, but not for hours and hours. The one puzzle that was actually directly multiplayer was the drinking puzzle and the ship combat. Sadly, those puzzles had quite a few random elements. I know they have a lot more puzzles now than they had all those years ago, but now is not free.

    If Puzzle Pirates were free, I would drop in now and then to play a puzzle or two. However, I could never seriously invest a lot of time in it. I would treat it like I treat the flash games on Kongregate. I actually think they would do well to implement some of those puzzles as free flash games.
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