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The old school anime line.

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A question to everyone:

What amount of time do you think it takes to make an anime "old school?"

In other words, personally, where you you draw the line at old school and new school?

When I think old school I instantly think 60's - late 80's. But a lot of people consider things from the 90's old school in 2009. Heck, people think a show from 2 years ago is old nowadays. It's hard for me to think that way because that would mean everything I loved, still love and once obsessed over is 15-20 years old soon.

23 is too young to be an anime geezer!


  • Old school means that something is from an older school. By school, I mean school of thought. In any area of expertise, there are many schools of thought competing at any one time, but there are also many schools of thought that have died out. Any work that was generated by a dead school of thought, is old school.

    For example, the super robot school of thought is pretty much dead. Nobody makes shows like that anymore. Therefore, super robot shows are old school. If someone today intentionally makes a super robot show, then their show has old school flavor.
  • I think it depends entirely on someone's personal perspective. The term "old school" is even relatively new as phrases go. Ask an Art History student what old school art would be and they could say anything from Cave Painting in France to anything before the modernist movement. Heck, they might even seem "old school" compared to post-modernists. It is all context and relativity.
    Only feel old if you are actually old. 23 isn't old and your tastes can be in "old" or "new" anime.
  • I think most criticism about "old school" anime from modern fans stems from older-looking art styles (character designs, animation quality, no digital enhancement). When they watch old anime, it's "old school" because of the art; similarly, when a new anime comes out that looks like an old anime, it's part of the "old school" style.
  • I guess late 80's and earlier. However, I consider the original Tenchi Muyo OAV's to be kinda old school, but really, not so much when you consider something like Fist of the North Star or better, Astro Boy (The original and the remake were both as old as shit. 1960's? I think that's old for almost everyone here on the forums.)

    I like old school, makes me nostalgic for seeing some of that growing up on Toonami. I mean, I love stuff that's come out in 2008, and I love stuff that's come out in late 80's and 90's. It's all the same to me, and the age of it might even improve on the enjoyment of the show in some cases. I remember, as a kid, watching the Month of Miyazaki on Toonami when it aired. That was the shit back then. I was an anime fan, but I didn't go out and seek it, and this was before I was tech savvy enough to do so (and realize the opportunities that awaited me).
  • If it looks like shit, is shit, and/or is a Giant Robot show, it's old skool. No wait, that's the crap school.

    Does it really matter though? It is not like you'll steer animation companies 'back' to whatever you define as 'old skool'. Just enjoy the crap of yesterday, today and tomorrow. They'll keep spewing it out anyway.
  • For example, the super robot school of thought is pretty much dead. Nobody makes shows like that anymore.
    Gurren Lagann? Macross Frontier? Gundam 00?
  • For example, the super robot school of thought is pretty much dead. Nobody makes shows like that anymore.
    Gurren Lagann? Macross Frontier? Gundam 00?
    Macross and Gundam 00 are not "super robot shows", G Gundam was an awesome super robot show though :D
    Now Go Nagai still making the real super robot shows that manly people love :D
  • Listening to an older AWO episode right now, and Daryl says that old school defines it as anime which fostered something new in for the medium. This could, of course, branch off to a thousand things, but his implication of "anime that did stuff first" certainly connotes "old school."
  • What episode was that in?
  • I want to say it was in #32. Definitely between but possibly including 30 and 33 though.
  • Being a bit of a geezer myself, I define "old school" personally as some of the first anime that came to america. Astro Boy, Gigantor, 8-Man, Speed Racer and Star Blazers come to my mind.
  • Space Battleship Yamato would definitely be considered "old school." I also agree with the "dead genre" idea, e.g. Super Robot Fighting shows.
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