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What is the "Front Row Crew"?

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So maybe I missed it but what the heck is the Front Row Crew anyway?


  • From my limited knowledge I believe that it is the core group of R.I.T. students that made up the Anime club at that school.
  • If I told you I'd be forced to kill you.
  • Soon you will know more.
  • It's a secret to everybody.
  • There is a secret on the eastern penninsula.
  • Wasn't it just the people who would always sit at the front at Anime club meetings and lead the cheering or heckling? That's how you guys have always been described to me. Really, not all that much has changed. I'm certain that the people and in-jokes are way different (SPANISH!), but the spirit lives on. I'm looking forward to meeting the freshmen this year, and especially to meeting the ones who have the balls to sit all the way up front and join the crew.

    Off topic: You really need to add Anime and Manga to your spell-check dictionary.
  • The spell check dictionary is handled by Google, I have no control over it.
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