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Advance Wars Multiplayer Stories

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I made this thread to share any Advance Wars multiplayer stories so that the tiny soldier's sacrifice may never be forgotten.

During my senior year of high school, my friend Jeff and I decided to have a massive AW campaign in our theatre class. The battleground of destiny was one of the bigger maps in the game, for only it's massive size could hold the earth shattering combat that was soon to come. The map had a big island in the middle which was surrounded by another small island on the left side with a larger land mass on the right side of the island. Of course we used fog of war because many units become useless if you don't use it, and it's just not as fun. Jeff decided to use the CO Eagle, thinking his air power and ability to attack multiple times a turn would propel his troops to victory. To counter the terror of the skies, I used my favorite CO, Grit. Grit's massive range and power with indirect fire units would allow my troops to swat any airborne pest Jeff would foolishly send against my battle hardened troops. The game began slowly as any large 1v1 map would inevitably be. My ranged attack units allowed me to take a foothold on the big middle island where I slowly built up my array of rockets and missiles to crush anything that walked, swam, or flew. When I felt I had a decent sized strike force to crush Jeff's base and secure victory, disaster struck. I misjudged Jeff's ability to produce large amounts of bombers and fighters which lead to an annoying problem. It got to the point where none of his units could get past my vast army of indirect fire units, and none of my transport and indirect fire units go outside the range of my missiles without being immediately destroyed. The line of conflict went back and forth along the map for three days, usually whoever got a CO power had the advantage and moved slightly closer. The game took so long that we just called it a draw to played Mario multiplayer, but it was one of the best games I've ever played.
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