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The Ship

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Okay I have all of a sudden heard alot of buzz about this game. I was playing counter strike when some guy told me about the ship so I did alittle snooping on the net and found out some information about it and just now I heard Scott mention this briefly in a show. I love the concept but I need to know if it is worth me buying? Does anyone own this game and if so would you recommend it?


  • Sure. I've never been a huge fan of CS-type games, but this had me interested as soon as I'd heard about it. The strategic element of having to deal with hunger, sleep and 'bodily functions' adds a layer of complexity to the multiplayer shooter concept that I'm really enjoying. Having to be subtle, careful - having to think, rather than just react, is quite good fun. Plus, it's only $20US, so not a huge investment, even if you don't end up liking it. But I did, and I recommend it.

    One thing, though, you have to be willing to invest a bit of time getting to know the maps - where the cameras, guards, facilities, shops, secret areas and other things are, otherwise you'll be at a severe disadvantage, particularly on the largest maps. Not a game you can easily drop into.
  • I think I'll just talk about this on next Tuesday's show, after I play it a bit more.
  • I've been hearing a bunch of interesting things about the game as well, and I'd really like to try it, but I don't really want to spend $20 on something that I'm pretty sure I'd only be trying. If I had a bunch of friends who also bought it and we could set up a weekly rumble or something, then perhaps.
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