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The dream RTS

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Well, this was sparked off by the trailer for a new RTS called Ruse, where the developers say the main strategy is not about rushes and clicking hundreds of times per minute, but strategy and deception. Fog of war does not hide enemy unit, but it hides information about the units. You may not know if there are tanks or infantry about to attack your base. Well, you can read more about it here.

However, what got me most excited was the trailer to this game.

I just wish games were up to this level. It would be perfect if it was mind controlled, but this is much closer to reality. This trailer captured how I wish RTS games played out perfectly. I desperately hope that the developers of this game bring the ideas captured in the trailer to the game itself. It's different and unique, and I hope Ruse doesn't become a mediocre product with a great idea.

Not that many details about it, I'm going to keep my eye on this one.


  • If Ubisoft includes voice commands like they did in EndWar, I'm sold.
  • I am sorry, Red Alert 3 already exists :D
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    So the game is coming out for Microsoft Surface? I'll wait to see actual gameplay.
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  • What? WHAT? This looks very, very interesting. I want to see some real RTS awesomeness. I (and many) have been waiting so long for it.
  • Cam Vids. It certainly has my interest piqued.
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    So it's WW2 Supreme Commander with CO powers? Could work.
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  • Looks to me like the game is grabbing a number of features from current RTS games, with the inherent rock, paper, scissor action, placing a new dimension in the form of a poker hand; i.e. what units / strategy do I have that you can't see?

    The trailer was completely silly though.
  • So the game is coming out for Microsoft Surface?
    Or perhaps something us mere mortals could afford:
    Windows Touch coming to a PC soon
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