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Bored at work! What do you do?

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So I've had literally nothing to do at my day job for the past two and a half days. I've been killing time by:
  • listening to podcasts (Geeknights, Penn FM, Quirks and Quarks, others)
  • playing Puerto Rico (the evolver version someone programmed into an Excel spreadsheet; it rules)
  • fiddling around and messing about with my website
  • reading my RSS feeds as they update
  • trolling the Geeknights forums :P
It's made for a... tolerable few days. What do y'all do when you have excessive amounts of downtime at work?


  • Lately I've been playing flash games.
  • Well considering I work at home for less than 2 hours each and still get paid a good sum. I say you should get a DS lite and play with it.
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    Lolz! I have a DS Lite and I love it very much. Unfortunately, I'm in a student position right now and have a desk behind a door, sans walls, and I'm really not comfortable just sitting at my desk playing videogames all day. I can feel the judgemental stares of passers by boring into my skull...
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  • I wish I had work to get bored at, I'm just home waiting for work and getting bored and not getting paid for it.
  • Get a micro and play in a way that no one else can see you.
  • Testing out all the DS games we sell in my P/T job, on my sexy new black DS Lite.
  • Lucky bastard!
  • I Play Magic: The Gathering (They always ask me if I want a game) with the customers, read manga, play my PSP and look at the stock and decide what I want to take home with me :)

    I had around 5 customers last time I worked for the entire day, and there was one time when I went to get lunch, and one of the regular customers was serving a customer when I got back and the guy who owns the shop was just sitting around playing a game. I love working in a market.
  • Read the archives of webcomics. I'm working my way through Boasas right now. Then I'm on to Goats.
  • I try desperately to avoid the gaze of management, lest they find something for me to do.
  • I don't have time to get bored at work, I work in childcare. I'm looking after the rotten bratty children of the people who are sitting around playing games and listening to podcasts.
  • I'm in a cubicle in the back-corner of my office area. I see about 2 people on average each day. And this includes a streak of a week where ONE person came to me only once.

    What I do is browse car forums mostly. And when I get odd urges to learn I browse wikipedia and google references (zomg I spent 3 days learning about geckos -_-)

    And lately, as part of my Breathe of Fire remembrance, I loaded Zsnes onto a thumbdrive and am playing Breath of Fire I occasionally. It's quite fun.

    And for reference, I'm an intern working software testing. We jsut had a revision in our deal with the customer, and so us assistant testers do nothing while the coders and proffesional testers work. I've actually had the task of copying and pasting excel spreadsheets together and comparing what they say (test report vs logged results in teh database), consisting of no fewer than 2,000 logged items. It's menial and boring as hell, especially sense the cell dimensions don't line up and I have to format and merge cells manually, very often.
  • I work for the man. Thus many sites are blocked to me. I used to play on my DS during work, but now they give me more things to do out of the office so I can't play anymore. Right now I am just trying to find a way to get a loaner copy of World of Warcraft for my computer as I left mine in my apartment. I also look into what bands are doing and when concerts are in the US. On that note besides Otakon concerts; BLOOD will be at the Knitting factory August 10th.
  • I'm an Accounting Clerk, meaning I play with Excel and Outlook all day, every day. Every first week of every month is my slowest period, so after mailing IDC forms with incorrect cost centers, returning emails or processing a few checks for payment I abuse my administrator privileges and check out new podcasts in iTunes.

    IDC (Inter-department correction) forms = TPS Reports from the movie "Office Space" but five times as boring.
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