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The Lost Rochester Subway

edited April 2009 in Everything Else
I ran across this today and was wondering if the always venturing FRC knew of the long lost subways of Rochester, NY.


  • Old news for the FRC. We've already explored them in their entirety. ^_~
  • I figured as much. Is there any chance of getting an episode on exploring places you're not suppose to be?
  • I need to check out that subway one of these days.
  • Oh yeah. We've also explored the old tunnel/sewer system. It's less known than the subway, but more extensive. I'll see if Mr. Brown or Dreds (both go to UR) have pictures/Marauder's Maps (the only harry potter reference I will use). I'll try to post them if I can.
  • Really? Cool! We just walked the length of the subway. Actually, poeple, if you are going to go and you are a wuss, I'd recommend just doing the beginning. The coolest part is right near the entrance, with the arches and the underground pools. It's weird driving in rochester now because sometimes I know by the side of the road are little entrances to the subway. There's this one corner I go around and I remember climbing out of a hole in the little ditch beyond the fence there.
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