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Sit Down, Shut up

edited April 2009 in Everything Else
The best way to describe this series if by imagining what would come out if "Arrested Development" and "The Critic" had a baby. Now, the baby will be raise by Fox so we should cherish the moments we have now :D


  • I watched it last night. I love the style. (Mo Willams FTW!) At first I thought creating animation over live action backgrounds would be weird and clash-y, but I fell in love with it! The characters and story could be better. It's a pilot so it needs time to work the kinks out.
  • I feel like it was trying a little too hard, but I'm going to chalk that up to it being the first episode and there being a lot of characters it had to introduce. I'll watch more of it, since I'm not really sure how I feel about it yet.
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