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This is a really fun piece of flash that simulates (emulates?) real pedals, drum machines, etc. Once you get past the inital urge to break it by hooking up as many pitch delays as possible, you can make some really fun, interesting stuff. They just added the Tone Matrix feature, and if those things exist in real life, I need one. Any pattern on it sounds marvelous.

Hobnox audiotool.


  • Looks really interesting, having only fiddled with it for a minute or two.
  • Dude, fuckin' sweet.
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    Pretty cool -- it's like Reason, but for free. I really like that you can record it, too. The Tone Matrix is basically just a step sequencer, but it's tuned in some way that I can't quite figure out -- not chromatic, but it's not diatonic, either -- so that random clicking producing something more like music and less like noise.
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    I made bubbles with the sequencer.
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  • Man, stuff like this always makes me want to get back into music. I'm a registered ReNoise user, which is my platform of choice. Not that I ever did anything but screw around. I had to quit doing music to focus on art. But the temptation is always there...
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