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Ace Attorney Investigations


  • Oh hell yes.

    I had managed to forget about that and now you go and remind me about it............

    Now its going to take forever for winter to come
  • Protagonist + Miles Edgeworth = Epicness!!
  • Yay, time to bust out the DS again soon. I haven't picked it up that much since the new Castlevania.
  • I've been using my DS, at least.

    For quite a long time, my preferred setup for bus trips has been podcast + DS at the same time. The majority of the DS hours have gone into attempting to finish Contra 4 on Hard Difficulty.
  • "I don't have to prove a thing...because this piece of evidence will in my stead!!!"

    How fucking epic is that.
  • I had a three-month stint between LEGO Batman and Chronotrigger. My DS has not been getting much love as late. If only Nintendo would make a new Super Mario Bros.....
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