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  • The only one of these I even have a chance of doing is South Park.
  • Futurama: 25/30
    Simpsons: 50/63
    South Park: 33/42
    It's been ages since I watched Family Guy and quite honestly I think the show is awful. 8/42
  • That was fun. 56/63 on the Simpsons. Probably would've been better if that show hadn't been godawful for the last 10 years. I don't watch any of those other shows enough to bother.
  • Simpsons: 61/63 (should be 62/63 because I did think of the name "Crazy Cat Lady", but I didn't guess it because I thought they wanted her official name, which I later found was Eleanor Abernathy; the only one I legitimately didn't remember was Kirk Van Houten)
    South Park: 39/42 (missed Mr. Mackey, Jimbo and Ned; kicked myself over being stuck on Mr. Mackey)
    Futurama: 11/30 (yeah, don't watch this show as much)
    Family Guy: 24/42 (got all the major players and some minor, but I'm not a devotee, so I didn't get most of the minor ones)
  • Simpsons: 46/63
    South Park: 31/42
    Futurama: 27/30
    Family Guy: 35/42

    Okay, I cheated. I knew a lot of the characters by sight, but my brain blanked on their names. Google is my friend. Going straight from memory, I probably did the best on the Futurama one.
  • Simpsons: 56/63
    Futurama: 29/30
    South Park: 38/42
    Family Guy: 18/42
  • Simpsons: 47/63
    Family Guy: 28/42
    South Park: 40/42
    Futurama: 21/30
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