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Drawpile: Collaborative drawing

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Just came across this poking around on getdeb.

It's billed as an open source clone of opencanvas, is cross platform and comes with it's max users per canvas set to 20.
Also: Note the pressure sensitivity option.

Edit: After routing around, other noticeable features in the newer version: Disable guests from drawing, load an image to draw on top of, fully customizable shortcuts.

Download (0.6):
Ubuntu | Mac | Windows
Oddly, the Windows version is only available at version 0.4.

Looks like you don't need the Qt libraries.
Unfortunately, you need the Qt libraries on Windows and Mac (Ubuntu will install them automatically.).
Qt for Mac | Qt for Windows

Would people please try out the Mac and Windows version to see if they work as well as the Linux one. If all goes well, awesomeness abound.


  • Hmmm...I don't know. It's got pretty limited functionality. There aren't even any selection tools. I'd be glad to give it a shot with some other forum members if anyone's interested, though.
  • I have it downloaded. I tried it out for about 3 minutes before going back to work. If it can hold 20 people... I'm down! I downloaded the libraries but I haven't put them where they should be or read what they are. :S
  • No layers... urrrgghhhh. No thanks.
  • Have you stopped drawing on paper too? I see this strictly as a "fun time with other artists" program.
  • What were you guys expecting? I was just hoping we could do some doodling and mess around a bit.
  • What were you guys expecting? I was just hoping we could do some doodling and mess around a bit.
    I don't know that anyone expects THAT much out of a little collaborative paint app, but honestly, that one's pretty bad. It seems pretty buggy on Windows, too.

    Best one I've ever seen is still Sketcher. It has layers. It's all public rooms, though, unless you wanna pay about $15/month for a private room. I suppose we could all pitch in, if people were into that.
  • I think we should totally make a forum collab-doodle date. Sounds like fun to me. :) Don't care what program we use, as long as I can get it.
  • I like Nuri's attitude! =D
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    I wouldn't miss it. (Unless I have to, of course.) Anyone want to take a stab at a date/time?
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  • Once something's set up, I'll jump in ;-)
  • Yes, I'm in as well.
  • Sounds fun. Mayhap.
  • Hmm.. I'll give setting up a server a try, then people can hop on at their convenience. Problem is that my upload is kinda balls. I'll have to keep the torrents off.
  • I shall consider being an asshole and stuffing in incomprehensible dialogue. KUKUKUKUKU!
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