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Speaking of Otakon..(Old pic of some of the FRC)

From last(?) Otakon when we all dressed up as the axe gang.
From left to right:
Katsu, Scott, Kate(front), Alex(back), Me (creepy-lookin'), and Rym.


Us pwning a guy from Jin-Roh


  • wow...
  • I hope I'm not missing out on some big group thing this year...
  • The scary thing is that in both pics Scott looks the most menacing.
  • Why didn't we do a group costume this year? While being in the axe gang was fun, I think we can do far, far better! I am taking requests/orders for the cons of 2007. Let me know what you guys might like so we can actually do something great.
  • In all reality Katsu is the most menacing... seriously dude, Katsu eat your baby.
  • I like how its totally obvious that Scott is the only one wearing tenis shoes.
  • We should do this at a con again.

    But as Oglaf characters.
  • I want to do Pokemon. Pete has already agreed to go as GARBODOR!
  • Hey look, my pictures! I see somebody forgot the "BY" part of the CC license. At least they never broke the flickr static links in spite of all the years of flickr neglect at yahoo :)

    There are actually a few more pictures of you guys doing that cosplay in the set on flickr
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