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Unfinished Video Games

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I would be curious to know what video games any of you have found particularly difficult in your lifetime, and to this day have never completed. There have been a few tough games i can think of, but nothing came close to Double Dragon 3 on the NES. You got only 1 life per character (You acquired 2 additional characters through your journey, making 4 in total) you had no way to replenish health, and get only one continue.

On another note i got a DS Lite black. It's a piece of sex! Having so much fun with it ;)


  • Silver Surfer for the NES.
  • RymRym
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    Ghosts & Goblins
    Super Ghouls & Ghosts

    Fuck those games. Fuck them.
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  • Man those Ghost and Goblins games were always such a pain. So were most of the Castlevania games, especially the NES and SNES ones... probably never finished them since I only rented them.
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    Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, for the NES.

    Fuck that game. I love it, but fuck that game.

    EDIT: I think I finished both Ghosts & Goblins and Super Ghouls & Ghosts. Maybe. I do recall them being fuckers.
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  • Populous. 100 Worlds out of 999. There was a cheat code to get to the last world, but I could never finish it.
    Any of the Virtual Boy games.
  • Prince....That game had so many hard levels.
  • I remember Super Ghouls and Ghosts. I never actually beat it but I watched my brother get to the end and kill the boss. It sent him back to the beginning and he got half way through the different levels to the final boss fight before finally giving up.
  • I almost never finish video games. It's not that I find them too tough, though some of them are, mostly it's just that I never have the hours to put into them before something newer and cooler comes along. I've got way too many unfinished things in my closet...
  • Planescape: Torment is one game I haven't finished, not because it was difficult, but because I... actually, I can't remember why I didn't finish that one. I can't see myself trying it again soon, though, too much to do these days.
  • I have an odd tendency to lose interest in games at the last boss. Most recently I did that in Vice City and The Wind Waker. I'll play until I get to the last boss, then I'll go back and try to pick up a bunch of side story stuff that I missed (presumably to stock up before the big final confrontation) but I spend so much time going around collecting items that I lost interest and move on to another game.
  • Any recent RPG.

    I always get to the end too quickly and my parties generally get raped by last bosses due to lack of levels/proper equipment.
  • I've had a whole cartload of games I've never finished... System Shock 2, Psychonauts, Astro Boy Omega Factor, Mafia, any Final Fantasy except Tactics Advance, Dark Cloud 2, the list goes on. For many of them I just lost interest, others were difficult and some were just bad games.
  • Final Fantasy 9.

    Every time I played it, my save files got corrupted. I've started it over a dozen times, and somewhere between 10 and 14 hours of gameplay, the save corrupts and I have to start over. Fuck that. And I had rented a copy of Tomb Raider 2 once. But in one of the levels, the game sorta died. I solved the puzzle for a door the open, but it never opened. I checked every strategy guide and FAQ I could find, and I did everything right. The game was just broken =\

    Also, I never actually beat Breathe of Fire 1, 2, or 4. I made it to almost the end of 2, but then my computer died and I lost my save to re-formatting.
    Breath of Fire 4 I made it to the final boss battle. Only to realize that I wasn't properly prepared for the boss battle, and really stood no chance of beating it. And I had been stupid and had only one save-file at the point of no return, effectively screwing myself over.

    But that's ok, I've made it my mission to play through all the BoF games, and I'm about a 1/4 through BoF 1 right now.
  • I beat the piss out of BoF 4. Good game.

    One other game whose lack of beating I consider a failing is Contra. Jesus, even with the 30 lives, I never beat that goddamn game.
  • For me, many RPGs, even though I've pushed my self to advance through them. It's just that I can't find the time for those when there are more fast-paced games. Not to mention that buying three RPGs that is worth 40+ hours each all at once is a pretty damn bad idea.
  • Fur fighters is one of the only games i havn't finished, and commander keen 4 is rock hard, but i beat it XD
  • Haha, I've done that before too, Omega. I picked up Baten Kaitos, Skies of Arcadia Legends, and Tales of Symphonia around the same time, and there just isn't enough time in my life to complete them all while still indulging in my other interests and geekeries. I love the visual style of some RPGs, and the plot and characters, but the level grinding and endless dungeon crawling is just too tedious and eats up too much time. Even the "best" RPGs still fall into this pattern of plot-> dungeon/grinding-> plot-> dungeon/grinding, and that predictable, linear routine is what makes me stop playing before I finish the story. Heck, just give me the plot bits and pretty graphics without all the tedium! - oh wait, that's an anime.

    On another note, Fire Emblem 4 was an absolute bitch, and out of ten chapters I've only ever beaten the prologue and the first two. Rrrrrrr.
  • RymRym
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    One other game whose lack of beating I consider a failing is Contra. Jesus, even with the 30 lives, I never beat that goddamn game.
    Jesus. My brother and I would periodically beat Contra to kill time after school. Only once or twice did we fail. Granted, we used the 30 lives code. Still, I've watched people beat the game without it. The record is supposedly like 20-something victories without dying.

    We'd beat Guerilla War just as often, but with cheating. I defy anyone to beat Guerilla War without continues or cheats, even machine assisted.
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  • I have beaten Contra with friends and the code many-a-time. It is far from impossible once you've played it enough to memorize most of the levels and enemies. I probably couldn't do it today without a week or so of practicing.
  • My brother and I beat Guerilla War, but we used continues. No cheats, but we used those goddamn continues like nobody's business.
  • The "cheat" was just that you could re-join the game in two-player after you'd used all of your lives and your partner was still fighting. That way you didn't have to keep continuing.

    I think I'd die at least 700 times in the course of beating that damn game.
  • Hm. It's been so long since I beat it, I can't say whether or not I actually did that.

    But yeah, that was a hard-ass game.

    However, I claim a bazillion points by being the first member of the FRC to kill Sinistar at all.
  • oh dear god, do I have a million unbeaten games.. I must have 60 gamecube games ^_^ I'm making it through them slowly but free time is limited!

    I have to say the one game I regret not being able to beat was the original Ninja Turtles for the Nintendo! That game had some really bitchy parts! (that and Battletoads *shiver*)

    RPGs, I've nortoriously never finish, however the I have finished a few recently if they are on GBA thanks to my DS.
  • I never beat FF7, but because it was hard. I never defeated FF7 because one day I realised that Cloud has Popeye arms on the world map. So I have spent countless hours of game time having him run in circles on the world map.
  • I beat FF7 twice, from the beginning. There was the first time, the a year or so later I accidently erased my FF7 save so I played through the entire game again, even got Knights of the Round and Omnislash which I hadn't originally.
  • Contra. Enough said.

    Another would be Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete, as I kept dying at the last boss.

    Guardian Heroes for Saturn is my latest challenge, as I would die halfway through the Wizards Palace using Randy.
    Even the full health glitch using Nicole wasn't enough to save me.
  • Bubble Bobble - got to a boss, couldn't beat him

    FF9 - hard to get into in the first plae, let alone finish

    Skies of Arcadia: Legends - just lost interest for some reason, been meaning to try it again

    Astyanax - I've seen the ending, but never legitimately. Without cheating I can get about 70% of the way through but it gets very tough after that.

    And I wanted to bring up something I noticed about myself: I remember beating games more often (NES-era, I mean) as a kid before I could really think about what I was doing. Anybody else have this kinda feeling?
  • I just recently began playing Baldur's Gate again. I used to load it up, die in the mines and then shelve it for a few years. This time I completed the mines and have PCs in the 2-3 level range!!!

    The second quest in the original Zelda was a bitch back in the day... You know, BEFORE the Internet and CLUE BOOKS were so prevelant?

    I also never completed the GBA Eye of the Beholder game because it was so lame.

    I only recently completed Metroid Prime and I have the second one on my shelf but... due to advancing age I find I can only play that game for about half an hour before getting motion sickness...

    Oh yes, I have one of the GBA Mega Man games that I put away becuase the "bubble guy" is near impossible for me to beat.

    I think I stop playing more games due to boredom then hardness of game play.
  • Well out of the games I have in my collection, the only one I've never beaten is Final Fantasy 8. I can get through most of the game just fine, but no matter what I do I can't just beat the final boss. One day I said "forget it", sold it on Ebay, and looked up the ending on you tube.
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