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Episode 38 - Art of Computer Maintenance

edited January 2006 in Technology
Did you remember to change the oil in your computer? Don't lie, everyone will laugh if it stops working and you'll be found out.


  • The mac does need some maintenance, but that's mostly just to keep the system tuned up. A good reference for other mac users is episode 5 of the Mac Attack (At It lets you know how the mac keeps itself up to date and what you can do to help it along, like a few utilities that let you run the maintenance scripts on command.
  • This show was very funny because it involved lots of bickering between Rym and Scott especially about the Ricing out of the computer.

    Which just goes to show you guys should handle more topics that you don't agree on. Like Scott's werid habit of throwing salt over his shoulder ... that was a fun time ^_^
  • "I thought it was just water and blue."

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