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Looking for a New Laptop, Advice?

edited July 2009 in Technology
My birthday's coming up next month, and I'm going to tell my family members that I want any coupons/financial help/etc. towards a new laptop. My old laptop died half a year ago and I have been far too long without one. :(

Being only barely above average in computer literacy, my knowledge in choosing a new PC is fairly abysmal. Can anyone give me any advice? I'm looking for a laptop, PC, that -

-Will be able to handle Photoshop/Flash projects
-Will not suck abhorently at playing video files
-Is realistically priced for me (preferably nothing over $700, but if that's unrealistic just let me know).
-Is not known for problems with heating up too quickly/intensely.

Any advice is really really appreciated. I haven't gotten a new computer in about 6 years now. :P


  • At that price point, you can basically choose between the following options:
    1. Small size, long battery life, low power
    2. Large size, OK power, OK battery life
    3. Larger size, high power, no battery life
    If you want to use Photoshop or Flash from a creator/artist standpoint, option one (a netbook) is right out. They simply cannot handle the load. So, you'll definitely be stuck with something fairly large: forget about size (for now). Thus, consider which is more important to you: battery life, or power. Will you be using primarily in transit, or at destinations?
  • My first one wasn't very small to begin with, so I'll have no problem with it being non-tiny. This would be used primarily at destinations. I almost never bring it out in transit.
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