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Thesis Help: Psychology + Videogames

edited September 2009 in Video Games
I'm currently putting together my proposal for my graduate capstone thesis, and I'm hoping someone here on the forums might be able to help me out. I won't go into much detail, but the proposal I'm working on is about looking at the player's experience as game narrative. I've found a lot in videogame writing and design books that make reference to it, but I need material on the psychology of the human mind as to how those experiences can become story, and be memorable.

Basically what I need are books (or references) for how memory works (ie: why do we remember certain things, or experiences, over other things, or experiences? What causes certain memories to be more prevalent then others?) Also I've heard there is a branch of psychology relating to stories and storytelling, and information (or books) on that would be helpful as well.


  • Hmmm.. Any book on cognitive psychology will have a chapter or two on memory how it works and how it messes up (The fun part about psychology is we mostly get our information on how the brain works by how it screws up).
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