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Getting the most out of deviantART.

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I know a number of you are very active on deviantART. I joined using my real name and I've been participating, but it is kind of overwhelming. How do you use the site? What works best for you? I've been putting stuff up as I do it. I browse the categories that I like most page by page and liberally favorite what strikes me. A couple of people have stopped by but there is just so much material that gets posted every day it is unbelievable. What do you like most about the site and how do you use it?


  • I post artwork that I may not want to show as part of my "professional" portfolio because they're more hobby or interest-specific. I occasionally give critiques to people who ask for them, and I also try to be very picky about my favorites. Sometimes the community art activities are fun to do, but often require a lot of time. I also have used the job boards, though unsuccessfully, to try to get work.
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    I have a DeviantArt account, but it's terribly neglected. I mainly use it as a portfolio, since I haven't put together a real portfolio site, but I'm kinda shifting over to my blog for that. I don't even try to participate in the community -- it is far too overwhelming. My main use for DA is just to follow artists I like. Also, if you pick an artist you really like and start going through their favorites, opening tabs, then do the same for the artists you end up at, and so on, it can be pretty amazing. It's like Wikipedia or TVtropes, but for awesome art.
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  • I use deviantArt from time to time. Their new DAPortfolio is pretty decent if you're just looking for something basic.
  • Their new DAPortfolio is pretty decent if you're just looking for something basic.
    Don't you have to pay for that?
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    No, their new DAPortfolio feature is free, but you're limited only to 100 images (I think) with 18 images per gallery. For me, that is enough, since I just plan out 10 galleries with 10 images each. Of course, you can pay for it and get a whole bunch of other nifty features.
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  • I like to follow doujin and comic artists I like through it. I also post things now and then. Although I had one for many years I didn't get really into it until now.
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