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When should you harvest organs?

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I know one of the families discussed in this article. Without going into details, there is a close relationship.

The general question in the article is this: Should you harvest organs from a patient that shows minimal brain activity (and thus life) but has no chance of survival? I can understand the ethical concerns, but to have so many organs go to waste is a shame. I think that there need to be VERY strict protocols in place, but it appears that the current rules are too conservative.

One way or the other, it's a very interesting ethical question.


  • I think as long as the family says its ok then I personally have no problem with it. The issue for me is more of who is allowed to make decisions for me if I am unable, especially if I haven't taken the time to make out a will. As long as the guidelines are very clear on who can make the decisions and that no harvesting takes place without a decision to harvest, then I'm for using these organs to help others.
  • When should you harvest organs?
    Obviously, when people can't make their payments on them.
  • Watch out, Kilarney wants your organs for Christmas!
  • When they're in tune.


  • Couldn't resist.
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