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Google and China

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The Google/China issue is escalating surprisingly rapidly. (Emphasis below is my own).
ReutersReuters reported that China sought to play down a threat by Google Inc. to quit the country on hacking and censorship concerns, saying any decision by the Company would not affect U.S. trade ties. The United States said it was too soon to tell how economic ties would be affected, but added free information flow was crucial to China's maturing economy. A spokesman for China's Commerce Ministry said there were many ways to resolve the Google issue, but repeated that all foreign companies, Google included, must abide by Chinese laws. The United States has backed Google's decision to no longer support China's censoring of internet searches, and has raised the issue at a diplomatic level.


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    Woah, I didn't expect the US to get involved at all.

    EDIT: I bet the China complained to the US saying Google was breaking their laws (uncensored results) and the US told them to fuck off.
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  • Although I'm glad that Google is telling China to fuck off on forced censorship, leaving the country permanently would be like shooting themselves in the foot. The only one who would gain from this move would be Baidu, the number one search engine in China.
  • Up until a couple days ago, if you tried to submit an HTML form where any of the text in the POST was to a .cn domain, the connection would be dropped, and you couldn't connect for several minutes. Just thought that was interesting.
  • I'm interested to see how this turns out.
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