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Windows 7: Can not safely remove hardware

edited January 2010 in Technology
When using Windows 7 libraries for an external hard-drive. There is a problem when I go to safely remove the hard-drive. Windows won't let me because I have the drive assigned to the libraries feature. So the only way I can safely remove the external drive is to remove the library feature. Is there way to keep the library feature on and still safely remove the external hard-drive?


  • Ha, try this, when I disconnect my midi control in windows 7, I get a BSoD. Hows that for windows not handling external hardware?
  • Your fail is better than mine?
  • Not what I was trying to say, I was just implying that it's one of the things that windows 7 still does not do well.
  • I know. I was just joking.
  • Just make sure there are no files in transfer or in use, then just either unplug the biatch, or if you are too scared to do so, shut down your machine like you would normally then proceed to unplug.

    I have never used the "safely remove X" I just make sure its not in use, then just unplug.

    *I will not be held liable if you are unlucky enough that your drive poops itself.
  • I'm going to do this for Scott:
  • I had forgotten about that site. I signed up and posted the question. @MrRoboto I usually just do that. Make sure files aren't in use and just turn of the drive. It's just bugs me that Windows won't let me properly disconnect the drive.
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